India: While the corona virus has increased poverty and unemployment around the world, it has also plunged citizens of already poor countries into a severe economic crisis, with one such family in India starving for days due to unemployment. Free

According to Indian media, a widow and her children in Aligarh were deeply affected by the epidemic of Karuna epidemic. The epidemic took away the family’s job and for 6 to 10 days, 6 people became destitute.

One person reported the starving family to an organization and all of them have been admitted to the hospital. The family was so exhausted from hunger that many of them had turned into skeletons.

People associated with the organization say that when they reached the house of the said family, they were deeply saddened where the children were starving.

The head of the organization, Dr. Sunil, said that the children were rushed to the hospital and the organization had arranged clothes and food for the family.

The widowed mother of the children said that she was the sole breadwinner of the house and worked in an export company. Her work was stopped due to the lockdown in the first wave of Corona which caused the family to face financial crisis. Felt

According to him, the eldest son was working as a laborer to support his family, but in the second lockdown, he lost his job due to lack of rations. The five children have not eaten for 15 days, he said.