Why the British-Kashmiri Youths Support Palestine , but not Kashmir Cause? Quayyum Raja

Mirpur: The head of Jammu Kashmir Public Diplomacy, Quayyum Raja from Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, has written a letter to the newly appointed Interior Minister of Pakistan, Syed MOHSIN RAZA NAQVI in which the writer has expressed serious concern of his and his underaged daughters’ security following a late night attack on his house by some unknown individuals.

Mr. Raja has referred to a number of reports in the Indian media which states that “India’s enemies fall one after other on foreign soil.” The report then lists a number of KASHMIRIS killed in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir as well as a Sikh leader in Canada. Mr. Raja has also referred to a report by the Indian government which quotes his letter to the International Community. Although Mr. Raja suggests struggle through peaceful means, India thinks anyone who challenges its sovereignty over Jammu Kashmir is an enemy.

Quayyum Raja said in his letter that India is bragging about the killing of KASHMIRIS in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. He said it is very alarming that the Indian media claims its secret services have neutralized their Pakistani counterparts described among world’s most competent and powerful agencies, but the Indian claims have raised questions about the efficiency of the Pakistani intelligence services.

This is a big challenge and threat for Pakistan’s own security as well and the Federal Government of Pakistan must take necessary measures.