Renowned model Mrs. Mimi Tamer is set to grace Fashion Island Week 2024 in Zanzibar, marking another milestone in her global fashion promotion journey.

Mimi Tamer, a distinguished figure in the international fashion scene, has carved a niche for herself as a rising star in the industry. Her participation not only adds glamour to the fashion scene but also generates excitement among fashion enthusiasts worldwide as she prepares to take the spotlight at various events.

From her humble beginnings as a fashion enthusiast to gracing the covers of prestigious magazines like DFashion Magazine, Mimi Tamer’s journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication.

Last year, Mrs. Mimi Tamer achieved a significant breakthrough, transitioning from her debut as a guest model at Seychelles Fashion week 2023 to her current role as a judge at Fashion Week Turkiye 2024.

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Featured in Photohouse magazine, Mrs. Mimi Tamer exudes happiness as the crowned Mrs. Universe Asia USA-2023.

As the proud winner of the Mrs. Universe Asia USA 2023 title, Mrs. Mimi Tamer stands as a beacon of empowerment, representing women globally under the mentorship of esteemed National Director, Shreyaa Sumi.

Winning the Mrs. Universe Asia USA Title not only brings prestigious honors but also grants her the opportunity to participate in the esteemed Mrs. Universe competition.

The successful execution of Season-1 for Mrs. Universe Asia USA featured virtual auditions, attracting international talent while specifically representing the Asian-American community. This initiative is driven by a noble mission to empower women worldwide and advocate against domestic violence.

Fashion Island Week, held annually in Zanzibar City, Tanzania, celebrates the island’s unique fashion and Zanzibari style. The festival, scheduled for May 14–16, 2024, has evolved from a local celebration to a community event that attracts participants from all corners of the island.


An annual summer event to, showcasing the diverse collections of Waiz Designer. Waiz Houston Shelukindo is a dynamic and skilled Tanzanian fashion designer renowned for his women’s and men’s clothing lines. His creations are imbued with modernity and trendiness, transforming ordinary attire into sophisticated designs that exude elegance. Drawing inspiration from African fabrics such as linen, silk, chiffon, lace, and cotton, Waiz infuses his designs with the vibrant colors and artistic motifs found in nature. He doesn’t just create clothing; he crafts dreams, sharing his cultural heritage and imaginative vision through his exquisite creations with different African fabrics.

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