New York: The most popular computer and mobile shooting game ‘Call of Duty’ has announced the second season of the 2 million World Championship.

Sony is the official sponsor of the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship, which starts on June 3 this year. The winners of the competition will receive  2 million in prizes. It will be distributed among regional candidates and World Championship winners.

The tweet, shared from Call of Duty’s official Twitter account, shares the conditions for participating in the championship, according to which a player participating in the championship must be at least 18 years of age or older. Players can compete with any mobile phone that operates the Call of Duty.

In the early stages of the tournament, eligible players can participate alone or as part of a team for the first four weeks. To enter the second round of the tournament, a player must have a total of 60 points from 10 ranked matches. The top 250 teams that make it to the second round will be sent to the third round, dubbed the Regional Qualifiers Round. Players must win 30 rematch matches to advance to the next round.