We have Reduced Petrol Price by Rs 20 and Fazal Ur Rehman : IK

Sukkur: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he will do his best to improve the situation in the country.

Addressing a function in Sukkur, PM Imran Khan said that he has not had the opportunity to visit Sindh since he became the Prime Minister. Many areas of Sindh are lagging behind in terms of development. They are deprived of basic necessities, the villages of Sindh are going backwards instead of forwards, there is competition with the mafia in Punjab, so they could not spend time in Sindh, they saw a lot of poverty in Balochistan, Repaid Rs 35,000 billion, the previous government repaid Rs 20 billion.

I will do my best to improve the situation in the country if the debt that we have paid off to our people goes where it will go in two and a half years.

The Prime Minister said that technical education is being imparted to the youth, every effort is being made to make the youth stand on their feet, interest free loans will be given to the youth, steps are being taken to build playgrounds.

Due to the lockdown, poverty has suddenly spread in Pakistan. A development package has been prepared for the interior of Sindh. New cities are being planned on the island near Karachi. The project generates a lot of foreign exchange in the country. Will It is not clear why Sindh abruptly withdrew the NOC. The Sindh government should reconsider its decision to withdraw the NOC.