BEIJING: The China National Space Agency says the Chinese space station “Tiangong 3” will be accompanied by a powerful space telescope that will be no less than the US Hubble Space Telescope.

The telescope, dubbed the “Chinese Space Station Telescope” (CST), will be able to take as many detailed images of the skies as the Hubble Space Telescope, but 300 times more than that. Will be able to cover a wider view.

The CST will observe 40% of the sky in the first ten years of its mission, while it will be “temporarily” attached to the Chinese space station, which will later be able to separate it into another orbit independently if needed. I can be sent.

Note that “Tiangong 3” will have a staff capacity of 7 to 8 people.

According to, the CST will be placed in close proximity to the space station even after it is separated from the space station so that space station crews will have more trouble repairing and maintaining it from time to time. Don’t be