Lahore: Emergency has been declared in Punjab regarding production and sale of oxygen.

According to sources, the oxygen manufacturers will sell 100 per cent oxygen to the health sector while the health sector is already being supplied with 25 to 30 per cent more oxygen.
Sources said that the steel, glass and ship breaking industry in the province has been ordered to cut off oxygen supply and only the pharmaceutical industry will continue to get oxygen supply while the private commercial sector in Punjab will not get oxygen supply.

According to sources, hospitals have been barred from performing routine operations and electrical surgery.

Sources said that the total number of oxygen producing companies in Pakistan is 6 and these companies produce 740 tons of oxygen daily while the number of oxygen producing companies in Punjab is 4 and the province produces 525 tons of oxygen daily. ۔

Oxygen manufacturers say that the government should provide uninterrupted power supply so that it does not stop producing oxygen while they are selling oxygen at Rs 50 to 70 per cubic meter. The oxygen manufacturing industry should be given concession in sales tax etc.