Visit Liberland Floating Man Festival 11 August to 14 August 2022

Liberland : The Liberland Floating Man Festival is just around the corner! From the 11th to the 14th of August, be prepared to experience some well-deserved good times in the Ark Village (, a resort close to Apatin, Serbia.

The Liberland Floating Man festival is a forum for debate and presentations, a music festival and a jolly happening, all packed into three warm summer days. Make sure to book your stay here:

There are still many accommodation options available in and around Apatin by the time of the writing of this article. So come visit us!

What can you look forward to?

Let’s start with the music. We are local! This is Serbia, the warm and welcoming Balkans, and our Festival’s repertoire reflects the space.

Del Arno Band: The OGs of Serbian reggae! Del Arno has been at it since time immemorial, all the way in 1986, where “it” is making and delivering to you the best reggae this side of Jamaica! Listen to hits like “There is Still Hope”, “You Don’t Know What to Do!”, “I am Angry!” and many other instant hits!

Marko Louis, one of the Balkans’ most talented and productive singer-songwriters, will present his ” Freedom ” album. “Freedom” reaches deep into the soul of humanity, channelling a powerful voice of positivity and love in these challenging times. His music has always been a unique blend of courage and intelligence with insight into creating and interpreting rhythm, melody and arrangement. Marko is very well known for his energetic and unforgettable live performances.

Gift Novi Sad: Do you like pop-rock? Of course you do! We have a special gift for you: the Gift Novi Sad is going to a concert live at the Floating Man! Listen to the all-western sound and performance quality, but with a unique Balkan feel and passion! Coming at you from the one and only Novi Sad, the regional metropolis of Vojvodina, the Gift will surely present you with a great time!

The Nipple People: Now there’s a band name to remember! They are a Croatian-Serbian duo who, like you (should!), highly value their privacy. Nobody knows who they are, but everyone knows that they make great electropop, and their performances are full of stunning visuals that perfectly underscore the music. Listen to hits like “Never” or “Tomorrow” and marvel at the mystery!

Last but not least, our very own DJ Big Money T! The man needs no introduction, as none can do him justice – come and dance and you’ll see why!

Our concerts are something to look forward to. But wait – there is more! The Festival is also where you learn about freedom, modern technology and many other subjects.

Who is coming to speak at the Liberland Floating Man Festival? Of the many speakers we feature, let’s introduce a couple so that you get the idea of their calibre:

Lawrence Reed: Do you feel that the inflation is cutting through your savings and freedom is being assaulted at all fronts? You are not the only one – the famous author, professor and expert in Austrian Economics, Lawrence Reed, will give you some serious food for thought as to what freedom is truly worth and how we can keep it!

Jason Miller: Ever heard of the cancel culture? Are you instead for the free flow of information? Perhaps even a free speech absolutist? Then you share your passion with Jason Miller, the CEO of Gettr. Gettr is a new platform for debate and free expression, jam-packed with features and devoid of modern corporate censorship. Jason Miller will introduce his ideas exclusively at the Floating Man!

Peter Young: What if people decided to set up polities based not on nationality or history, but to satisfy their citizens’ real and present needs? Meet Peter Young from the Free Private Cities Foundation, where they coordinate precisely this kind of effort! Many projects all over the world aim at the privatisation of governance. Do you think introducing market principles into statecraft is a good idea? Then come and learn more!

Karthik Iyer: He was there, trading BTC at Mt. Gox in Satoshi times! The man, the legend, the Crypto Monk! Karthik Iyer is a researcher, an entrepreneur and an expert on matters Bitcoin and Crypto – tokenomics, web3, decentralised finances, you name it! Karthik Iyer explains complicated crypto concepts in ways that even your 80 years old neighbour would understand – Karthik’s presentation is bound to be a hit! Be there!

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