Ha Kim Phoung: Famous Educationist of VietNam

The development of any country depends on its education system. Education is the means by which the country and the people develop. Development in the field of education is possible due to good teachers. Especially those teachers who pay special attention to the training of children in school and the problems they face.

Similarly, there is an English Teacher Ha Kim Phuong who pays special attention to the education of children. While talking to Editor in Chief of the RAZ TV , she shared her life story and specially career and education system in her country. She is an English teacher of Bac Lenh Primary school – Lao Cai division of Education and training – Lao Cai city – Viet Nam.

“I am a Microsoft Master trainer, MIE expert, core member of the Provincial Department of Education and Training and the national new textbook program trading. I have improved the teaching profession through helping to raise the bar of teaching, sharing best practice, and helping colleagues overcome any challenges they face in their schools. I have joined many global and international projects and got recognition from national and international teaching organizations, head-teachers, colleagues. I have appeared in major local, national and foreign newspapers as an excellent teacher and leader”.

She got so many awards and oppertunities throughout her career.

Ha Kim Phoung: Famous Educationist of VietNam

“I have got many awards such as: Global Education Leader award, Exclusive and extraordinary inspirational icon leader award, the Most Innovative Educationist award, Global educator of the year award, Leading Educator award, Most Inspiring Women of the Earth Award, Global women award, Global change maker award, Worldwide Vision Makers Awards, World Leading educator etc”. She added.

Ha Kim Phoung: Famous Educationist of VietNam

Talking about the international projects, she said ” I’m also AIEF Global Ambassador, T4 Ambassador, SPSC Ambassador, Global School Alliance Ambassador, Global Peace Ambassador, Chief organizer of Global Class Project, SDGs Ambassador, Global community leader of Global education network. I’m also an international speaker for Education, SDGs, IT”.

She was appointed as Director of IDYM group of companies Viet Nam,  Deputy director of International Internship University Viet Nam and executive member of  Asia Pacific Association of Educators Training Institute, Country Director of World Voice International Association, I’m also a Head jury board of Global Women Award.

Ha Kim Phoung: Famous Educationist of VietNam

“I have connected with educators and learners via Skype and Flip grid from 100 different countries. These helped me inspire students – a generation of global citizens who are learning to connect with different parts of the country and internationally, giving students real-life experiences over the internet, inspiring enjoy learning, practice in real life, participate in learning projects, implement life service skills. I have achieved demonstrable student learning outcomes in the classroom. (National and International prizes in English, Math and Science, STEM, ROBOTICS, IT PROGRAM, SCIENCE,etc.)”.

Kim’s school has won the award for one of 250 excellent schools in global climate action project. She has guided 26 students to join and win the award. She also got the Certificate of achievement form Take Global Action for guiding students in this project. She has inspired many other teachers to take part in global community to learn and share knowledge. She nominated her school as one of the best school in the world in term of Innovation.

“I love doing charity works and I also I offered free teaching for poor children in my area during the whole year. I helped students become global citizens through providing them with a values-based education that equips them for a world where they will potentially live, work and socialize with people from many different nationalities, cultures and religions”.

She always promote education, training and professional development for women and create high-level corporate leadership for gender equality, help girls and women learn advocacy skills at all stages of life so that they can use their voices effectively for their own rights۔

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