American medical experts have warned that the habit of drinking sweet drinks has serious effects, children’s memory and learning ability can be impaired.

Most of us are fond of sweet drinks and children are second to none. Scientists believe that these drinks are as harmful to health as they are delicious. Their dangerous effects in children were recorded during the study.

A joint study by the American University of Georgia and Southern California claims that soft drinks impair children’s memory and their ability to learn.

The results of the study were published on the Science Daily website. The researchers said that during the research, sweetened beverages were tested on mice, which were given sugary water daily in infancy. The same situation can happen in human beings.

Experts hope that the harms of heavy drinking in childhood can be eliminated with a healthy lifestyle. It is very important for people to eat good food and walk.

An earlier study had found that diabetes had a drug-like effect on the brain’s immune system.