ISLAMABAD: The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has said that despite being vaccinated against the corona virus, a low-risk attack of the virus could occur.

This was stated by Dr. Salman, Head of Public Laboratory of the Institute. According to Dr. Salman, four weeks after taking two doses of the coronavirus vaccine, an anti-spike protein test can be performed to determine the amount of antibodies in the body. Even after the corona virus attacks, no other company’s vaccine can be given. On the other hand, the Global Vaccine Center has not yet approved a third dose.

According to Dr. Salman, Chief Public Health Laboratories Division of the National Institutes of Health, the amount of antibodies in the body varies with age. The possibility of an attack of corona virus even after vaccination cannot be ruled out.

He said that after the vaccination, the virus attack will not be very severe, vaccination can protect against the severity of the epidemic and the damage of diseases. A cut-off and a decimal point of 5% is a positive thing, it shows that the body is making antibodies again, this is the amount of antibodies in a normal healthy person.