The world is currently battling the third wave of the global epidemic, in which experts have made a major revelation about the dangerous epidemic.

The United Nations says that over time, the corona virus will become a seasonal disease, like the common cold, but caution should not be taken as a seasonal disease.

Experts believe that masks and precautions must be followed even after the arrival of the vaccine.

Health experts say Corona will stay here for a long time and it is virtually impossible to eradicate the new strain of the global epidemic.

According to experts, many people will experience it in their childhood in the coming decades, which will give them immunity to fight against coronavirus, which will protect them from serious diseases in the future.

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“We need to identify such viruses on a priority basis and take steps to prevent them from occurring,” said Zoe Grange, a scientist involved in the study. Coronavirus is the newest pathogen transmitted from animals to humans.