Written By: Syed Shahid Abbas Kazmi

Mismanagement in NA 75 by elections on 19 Feb, 2021 resulted in reelection in the constituency in pursuance of directions of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Both parties claimed victory on 19th of February but many incidents reported showing mismanagement by the Provincial Government. Behavior of many presiding officers was also suspicious. After hearing complaints, Election Commission of Pakistan termed Election of 19th Feb as null and void concluding reelection in the constituency. PTI challenged the decision of ECP but failed to provide fruitful arguments in the honorable court. Later on SCP decided in favor or reelection in NA 75.

Investigation to discuss the reason to lose Daska Elections in NA 75 constituency, said PM Imran Khan. Evaluate the problems of this failure; PM Imran Khan passed instructions to Senator Ejaz Chaudhary, Senior PTI Leader in Punjab. PM IK is really disappointed with the latest results in NA 75 and showed intentions of full investigations within the party to rectify the problems of this huge defeat in terms of votes. Senator Ejaz Chaudhary assured submission of the report in a week’s time.

What will be the findings of this probe? What is coming out of this investigation led by Senator Ejaz Chaudhary?

Unelected leader from Sialkot is enjoying full privileges and perks on provincial level which is annoying for ideological worker of PTI. It was already in discussion that PMLN won the elections on 19th of February. But Ali Asjad Malih was convinced that he secured a win instead. Party Leadership was also agreed with Ali Asjid Malih and PTI went into litigation against the decision of ECP favoring reelection in the constituency.

By Election in NA 75 constituency of Daska was a big upset for the ruling party, PTI. Syed Nosheen Iftikhar of PMLN defeated Ali Asjad Malhi of PTI in a one sided run. Margin of defeat is more than 15000 votes in favor of Ms. Nosheen Iftikhar.

By elections of Daska are not only in favor of democracy but also seems to be good for betterment of institutions. Sikandar Sultan Raja, the current Chief Election Commissioner, is a silent character but a strong statement was recorded by this silent character in latest by elections in Daska. Writ of the Election Commission was enforced with full power and rights. PTI and PMLN appointed Chief Election Commissioner with mutual understanding but there are rumors already on spread that PTI is going to start a campaign against Chief ECP. It was astonishing for PTI in a way Election Commission of Pakistan termed Election in Daska as null and void. PTI wasn’t really expecting this. PM IK always insisted on betterment of institutions but now seems that PTI is really falling into its own trap now. ECP is really showing some positive intentions towards next general elections and its already visible that it will cause some digestive problems to PTI.