Passport of Liberland Reported As Valid for Travel Within Mercosur

Colombia: Great Diplomatic Success of Liberland in Colombia , Liberland’s Passport is reported as valid for travel within Mercosur. Mercosur operates on a one for all policy, wherein if a passport holder receives a visa or stamp from one member country, they are granted visa-free access to the other nations within the compact.

Mercosur countries

* Argentina
* Brazil
* Paraguay
* Uruguay
* Venezuela
* Bolivia
* Chile
* Columbia
* Ecuador
* Guayana
* Peru
* Suriname

Our Representative to Colombia, Dr. Randy Thompson, has reported success in negotiations with the Segunda, the Parliamentary Commission for foreign relations.

After months of negotiations, several heads of state-level governments agreed to recognize Liberland. The country has been invited to open a Consulate in two separate departments (e.g., states).

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The government of Manizales, state of Caldas, a university city and hotbed of technology development, has held high-level talks with our representative. They will offer five-year tax abatement for residents and citizens wishing to buy property, invest, or open a business there.

In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recognized the Liberland Passport as a valid document for internal identification. This means a Liberlander needs no other document to book or check in at a hotel, purchase goods or go to a restaurant.

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Following those successful meetings, the Colombian senate agreed to hold continued talks with the Liberland representative. Over the following months, discussions will take the place of finalizing a Memorandum of Understanding, with the ultimate aim of opening a formal embassy and securing full passport recognition.

More and more countries realize that Liberland is a serious project. We are, slowly but surely, achieving parity with established States and building a reputation of seriousness and respect for international law in the international community.

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