Karachi: Pakistani young man Rashid Naseem’s record was accepted by Guinness World Records.

Martial arts master Rashid Naseem defeated Chinese kung fu master in the Nun Chuko category. Rashid Naseem’s record number rises to 65 Guinness World Records confirmed the details via email and released the details on the website.

Rashid Naseem became the world’s highest martial arts world record holder, setting a new record to pay tribute to renowned mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara. The previous record was held by Chinese kung fu master Xie Desheng, who in one minute pulled out 14 cards from the middle of the bottle without dropping the bottle with the help of a nun chukki.
Rashid Naseem set a world record by performing this feat 19 times, Rashid Naseem set his 7th world record in the Nintendo category.