The war between 10 teams of the world to win the Cricket World Cup 2023 trophy is starting from October 5. For the next month and a half, players from 10 countries will dream of winning this biggest prize in world cricket.

From 1975 to 2019, that is, during 44 years, the World Cup competitions were held 12 times and 6 teams won the trophy, including Australia (5 times), West Indies (2 times), India (2 times), Pakistan (once), including Sri Lanka (once) and England (once).

The team that wins the tournament is awarded the World Cup trophy, which has a history as old as the event itself.

You may not know but this trophy has been changed many times.

The first 3 World Cups had the same trophy

From 1975 to 1983, all World Cup events were held in England.

What is the History of Cricket World Cup Trophy?
World Cup Final 1979 / Photo: ICC

All the three events were sponsored by a company called Prudential Insurance and hence the trophy was named the Prudential Cup Trophy.

It was a similar trophy to the Wimbledon tennis event trophy and is now housed in the Cricket Museum at Lord’s.

The trophy changed hands for the first time in 1987

What is the History of Cricket World Cup Trophy?
1987 Trophy / Photo courtesy Crickinfo

In 1987, for the first time, this tournament was held outside England in the sub-continent i.e. Pakistan and India.

Reliance Industries sponsored the World Cup and a gold-plated trophy studded with diamonds was produced for the event and named the Reliance World Cup.

The production of this trophy cost 6 lakh Indian rupees at that time which is equivalent to 80 lakh Indian rupees in the present era.

The 1992 trophy that stood out

1992 Trophy / File Photo

It is also considered to be the most beautiful World Cup trophy ever designed.

Made of crystal, the trophy was named after sponsor Benson & Hedges.

A globe was made on top of this trophy while 8 thousand British pounds were spent on its preparation and it is currently in the National Cricket Academy Lahore.

1996 trophy

This World Cup was won by Sri Lanka / Photo courtesy of ICC

The tournament was again held in the subcontinent and this time Sri Lanka was also the host along with Pakistan and India while Wills Company sponsored the event.

This was the reason why the trophy was named Wills World Cup.

From 1999 till now

What is the History of Cricket World Cup Trophy?
The same trophy has been used in every event since 1999 / Reuters Photo

For the 1999 World Cup, the International Cricket Council (ICC) decided that a trophy should be created for all future events.

For this, the ICC contacted the British company Jarrad & Co, which manufactures the trophy that is now in use.

What is the trophy made of and what is it worth?

It is a trophy weighing around 11 kg / Reuters Photo

It is a trophy weighing around 11 kg and 60 cm long, which cost 30 thousand dollars to make.

The trophy was made of silver and gold with a golden globe on top while 3 silver pillars look like the wicket and the bells.

At the bottom of this World Cup, the names of the teams that have won this event so far are listed, while there is also a space for writing the names of the teams that will win this event in the future.

Now, the team that wins the tournament is awarded a replica trophy that is identical to the original but does not have the names of the previous champions on it.

The actual trophy is kept at the ICC head office in Dubai.

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