Abdul Quayyum Raja Writes A letter to High Commissioner of UNHCHR

The following is the text of my letter on India’s claim that it is withdrawing its Kashmir Case from the UN. We urge the Muslim Rulers to resolve their differences if they think they can ever have a say on International Issues.

Your Excellency,

Assalamo Alaikum

India is reportedly planning to take the Kashmir File back from the United Nations. However, it doesn’t mean that the Kashmir Case is finished. It only means that India’s claim on Jammu Kashmir is finished as it had no legal and moral basis of its claim on Kashmir.

The state of Jammu Kashmir was never a part of India. Jammu Kashmir was rather forcibly Divided as a result of India -Pakistan clash over it three months after their independence. Both of them pledged with the International Community and the people of Jammu Kashmir to cooperate with the UN to allow us to determine our future without a political duress and external compulsion. This was the very concept of equality, sovereighnty and self rule first expressed in the emerging New World Order in 1860s supported by the then Soviet premier Vladmir Lenin after the World War 1 and included in 14 points principle declared on 14 August 1941 by Franklin Roosevelt, the then president of the USA and Winston Churchill, the PM of the United Kingdom, while the Muslim Rulers are yet to restore their position to influence international decisions.

Self-determination is people’s natural right recognized by the United Nations Charter and the British Indian Act of Parliament in the light of which the British Indian states had to determine their future themselves. However, history has shown that such a natural right is never given but taken or achieved through struggle. The struggle doesn’t produce any result without a balance of power. We, the Muslims are yet to bring about this balance of power if we ever want to have a peace and stability in the Muslim Society.


Yours faithfully,

Quayyum Raja
Head of Diplomatic Section
Azad Kadhmir
2nd of December 2022
Mobile. 03045150403
WhatsApp. 03448909960