Top 5 Laws & Theories of Science that have Life Mysteries Hidden

1. Newtons law-
Every action has an equal has an equal an opposite reaction. This means that everything you do, every action you take & every thought you get into your head gives you a result. Every choice you make gives you a positive or negative outcome. So, think wisely before you act. Behave well, think positive and do good always.

2.Murphy’s law-
The more you fear something. The more it will happen. Try to overcome your fears. Nothing bad will happen if you gain confidence and stop fearing. Have trust.

3.Kidlines law-
If you can write the problem down clearly. Then the matter is half solved. That means, the moment you understand the problem well with a cool head, its half solved.

4.Gilberts law
The biggest problem at work is that no one tells you what to do.
The meaning is people will tell you a lot on what to NOT do but very less will correctly tell you what you need to do to make it better for you.

5. Walson’s law
Put information and intelligence first, and money will come rolling in.
This means that many people do things better than you, not because they are more capable than you, but because they have more information than you. Gaining knowledge is the first step to success.