Islamabad (Shahid Kazmi – I don’t have any plans to join PPP, says Jehangir Khan Tareen. There is no such move or step to be part of PPP or to meet big guns of PPP, again JKT said in clear words. News circulating is completely baseless and false propaganda, he further added. Flood of rumors in discussion that JKT is joining PPP in the current political scenario and because of the ongoing sugar scandal case. He was supposed to meet Co-Chairman PPP Mr. Asif Ali Zardari for announcing his way out from PTI. But now JKT, himself, denied all such reports.

JKT is under huge pressure regarding ongoing cases lodged against him and his family by the current PTI regime. Once, JKT was supposed to be a big aide of current Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. JKT also supported Imran Khan to form the Government at Federal level and in Punjab Province. JKT also suffered through criticism by opposition to use his plane just like a taxi to collect independent votes for PTI. He was claimed to be a strong donor to PTI struggle. But later on rifts between Imran Khan and JKT start to widen. And reports indicated that JKT felt unhappy on some moves by the PTI led Federal Government. For some time, he also left the country, leaving behind rumors to join PMLN, PPP or PMLQ. No confirmation yet regarding any political party which JKT is joining or plans to join.

Even after this denial by JKT, there is a strong opinion building up that there is no space in PTI for JKT now. Few days back, Prime Minister Imran Khan, himself, admitted that he and JKT are not enjoying a good relationship now. He further said that JKT is also not part of PTI anymore. Even denied by JKT, it is confirmed by sources that he is having good discussions with all other political parties including PPP, PMLN and PMLQ. He was earlier part of PMLQ but sources confirm that his friends and family are interested to be part of PPP. JKT is not setting aside this opinion to join other parties. Mainstream media also reported his meeting with Nawaz Sharif in London while JKT was moved to the UK after cases registered against him. But ideologically, JKT does not tend to join PMLN as his way of politics is totally different from PMLN. And also there are so many big guns already in PMLN in Punjab. But on the other side, PPP is suffering badly in Punjab and all other leadership of Punjab is in the background other than Kaira. So it is to be promised to JKT to get a big slot from PPP if he joins PPP.