ROME: A fundraising dinner was organized by Association Pakistan Italy (API) with the joint cooperation of the Italian and Pakistani community to help flood victims in Pakistan.


Itlay: Fundraising Dinner Organized by API For Flood Victims
Fundraising Event Organizer Raja Aftab (Founder of Association Pakistan Italy) addressing Event

Fundraising dinner was specially organized by the Founder of Association Pakistan Italy Raja Aftab. The distinguished guests who came to the ceremony were warmly welcomed by presenting flower bouquets.

Itlay: Fundraising Dinner Organized by API For Flood Victims
Group Photo of Pakistani and Italian Participants

Well-known businesswoman Sonia Lydia Cordaro from the Italian community was the chief guest and Mrs. Mrs. Durdana Arslan Shah from the Pakistani community was a special guest. On the arrival of the both guests, Association Pakistan Italy’s President Raja Zulfiqar Ali and General Secretary Mohammad Rehman welcomed them by presenting them with bouquets of flowers.

Itlay: Fundraising Dinner Organized by API For Flood Victims
Stage Secretary Ayesha Siddique Running the Event

Stage Secretary were Ayesha Siddique and Special Correspondent 39 News HD Italy Nadeem Shaukat.

Mohammad Rehman Reciting the Verses of Holy Quran

Muhammad Rehman formally started the ceremony by reciting the Holy Quran.

Nadeem Shaukat, Mrs. Sarwar, Mrs. Syed Arsalan Shah, Mrs. Raja Aftab, Dr. Jameel, Sonia Lydia Cordaro, Dr. Lushiana, Khatib Ashoor Salem, Dr. Asim and Founder Association Pakistan Italy Raja Aftab addressed the event.

Itlay: Fundraising Dinner Organized by API For Flood Victims
Nadeem Shaukat Addressing the Event

In his address, Nadeem Shaukat said that “The purpose of our event today is to collect funds for the relief of our countrymen who are homeless and helpless due to floods in Pakistan”.

Itlay: Fundraising Dinner Organized by API For Flood Victims
Khadija Aftab Addressing the Event

Addressing the event, Khadija Aftab shed light on the basic principles of Association Pakistan Italy. She said that “As human beings we stand side by side with the Pakistani community in this hour of difficulty”.

It should be remembered that Khadija Raja is the Italian woman who played an important role in making the Association Pakistan Italy and settling many Pakistanis in Italy.

Mrs. Sarwar Addressing the Event

On this occasion, Mrs. Sarwar said in her address that “Pakistan is under the influence of global environmental changes. The current superpower must think that millions of human lives have lost their lives in the light of their experiences”. 

Sonia Lydia Cordaro Addressing Event

On this occasion, Sonia Lydia Cordaro said that “I have been associated with the Association Pakistan Italy for the last twenty five years, we will stand by Pakistan’s side wherever it needs it in this hour of difficulty”.

Fundraising was started by Sonia Lydia Cordaro and Khadija Aftab by contributing their own contribution, after which all the participants in the event participated actively.

Participants Eating Food

At the end of the event, delicious food was arranged for the Pakistani and Italian community, which was greatly appreciated by not only the Pakistani but also the Italian participants.