New York: Akanksha Arora, 34, of Indian descent, has joined the race to become the new head of the United Nations.

Akanksha Arora, who joined the UN in 2016, is one of the biggest critics of the UN. “Within two years of my employment, I began to feel that this organization was failing to help people,” he said.

In January 2019, he decided that there was no better way to change the organization than to head it. With that in mind, he is now in the race for the post of next UN Secretary-General.

If she wins the post of UN Secretary-General in October this year, she will receive two honors: first, as the youngest candidate to hold the post, and second as the first woman to head the UN. Will

He says the biggest enemy of the United Nations is its inability to deliver. The UN’s decision-making process is about the fulfillment of these decisions. As a result, the credibility and credibility of this institution has diminished and people think that the United Nations is not doing anything.

The biggest obstacle to Akanksha’s candidacy for the UN presidency is his lack of experience in diplomacy, as the high-profile post is held by Antonio Guterres, who is twice his age.

Arora, who received a scholarship from York University in Toronto, Canada, moved with her mother from India to Saudi Arabia at the age of six.

It may be recalled that in the history of the United Nations, no woman has ever held the post of Secretary-General, while in the last election, 7 out of 13 candidates were women.