Author of the Liberland Anthem Wins Award

Prague: According to Liberland Press, The author of the Liberland Anthem , Mr Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer, has received the prestigious OSA award “The Most Well-Received Classical Music Composer” for his popularity amongst foreign listeners.

Mr Bauer is a well-known Prague-based music composer, organist and jazzman and he composed Liberland Anthem. Previously, he has composed music for many exceptional movies and other projects, which are popular with domestic and foreign audiences.

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Mr Bauer composed soundtracks to many well-known Czech films, such as Eliska Likes it Wild, Nothing More Than Prague, The Czech Dream, Through the Labyrinth of the Revolution, or You Know Not The Hour.

Amongst his most well-known works is the soundtrack to “Goya’s Ghosts,” the last full-featured movie of Milos Forman, an Oscar-winning Czech film director.

In collaboration with the Basel Sinfonietta, Mr Bauer took part in the Edgar Allan Poe Project, the post facto composition of the movie soundtrack for La Chute de la Maison Usher (Fall of the House Usher, 1928, dir. Jean Epstein). He also performed as the conductor of their tour.

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The composer has stated concerning his award: “I am very honoured, and I would like to congratulate my colleagues who also received this award. I want to thank all the movie directors who chose me due to the emotionally-thoughtful charge in my music and allowed me to participate in their work. It is at once a joy and a great responsibility.”

Mr Bauer has received this award for the second time in the last six years. We would also like to congratulate the Composer on this well-earned award.

We, as Liberlanders, look forward to hearing many more memorable music pieces from our national music composer.