Liberland at the Global Blockchain Association Conference

Liberland: The President, the Vice-President and the Minister of Foreign Affairs attend the Global Blockchain & Sustainable Economic Growth Conference in Washington DC, United States of America, 25th to 27th May 2022.

President Vít Jedlička, Vice-President Boguslaw Wozniak and Minister of Foreign Affairs Thomas Walls represented Liberland at the Global Blockchain & Sustainable Growth Conference, organized in the historic Mayflower Hotel.

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This event is a part of the much-needed initiative run by the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) to raising awareness among governments and other authorities and enterprise-level organizations about the possibilities and benefits of the blockchain. It seeks to portray blockchain not as an enemy to good governance, as the tabloids tend to present it falsely, but as the necessary and desirable tool it is in reality.

Liberland’s representatives have brought the message before a truly international audience, defending the technology which has the power to bank the whole world and restore hard currency.

Hard money brings about a world where saving once again becomes profitable. A world of savers is a world of responsible actors ready to commit reasonable resources to sustainable enterprises. Blockchain can also bring a much-needed update to democracy: elections by blockchain are cheap, easy to organize, secure and open to all citizens. Let us give up the mechanism made by the early 20th century for the early 20th century. Let us finally build a car instead of desiring a faster horse.

Such was the message of Liberland at the GBA Conference. This world of reason and opportunity is the gift that Liberland wishes to give to all who may desire it.