Liberland ministers Bring the Message of Liberty to the World

Liberland : Liberland’s ministers participated in two renowned international global technology and business conferences.

Liberland’s Minister of Finance, Navid Saberin, was invited as a keynote presenter at the annual Leaders without Borders (LWB) Summit. The Conference took place in Draper’s Hall, a spectacular venue befitting the calibre of attendees. Several members of the House of Lords were present, Members of Parliament and a number of Ministers and Ambassadors from countries all across the globe.

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The Summit was focused on Africa, and our Minister has had the honour of meeting several members of the African Royalty. Dr Tariq Abbasi hosted the meeting, the Secretary of State of Liberland, representing Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom in his capacity of Lord Deputy Lieutenant of Greater London.

Minister has introduced Liberland’s Metaverse,, to the esteemed members of the audience. The presentation was well-received, as confirmed by the many conversations it has sparked during the day and the next and the follow-ups in progress. It is Minister Navid’s wish that the world in general and Liberland, in particular, is made aware of Africa’s important destiny and role, as it will be crucial for the future of humanity.

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At the same time, Michal Ptacnik, Liberland’s Minister of Justice, has attended the Emerge 2022 – East Expo in Yerevan. Emerge is a worldwide event occurring in many venues worldwide. The mission is to be the most important tech conference and support new radical ideas, fostering venture investment, particularly among startups.

The Minister took part in a panel on financial regulation, where he introduced Liberland as a serious international player, mindful of the responsibilities and obligations regarding compliance with financial standards. He spoke of Liberland’s efforts to promote individual liberty while remaining laser-focused on transparency and accountability.

Immediately following the presentation, Michal was introduced to an online media outlet and several possible partners.

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Armenia’s government was among the Conference’s sponsors, and Minister Michal had the pleasure of meeting Armenia’s Minister of Economy, the Honourable Vahan Kerobyan. Michal conveyed the greetings of Liberlanders, and the Minister, whose policies support free trade and investment, seemed interested in our State. The ethos of the Conference was a great entrepreneurial optimism; it benefited from the famed Armenian hospitality, making it a unique event to be remembered by all attendees.

Many of the participants at both conferences were supporters of liberty. Entrepreneurs often have the vision to understand and appreciate Liberland’s unique mission. Many will greatly benefit from establishing the freest country in the world.

Let us double our efforts in building Liberland as the Singapore of Southern Europe, the next hub for innovation and technology in the region.