World Cup 2023: Airfare Increased for India-Pakistan Match

Flight fares to Ahmedabad to watch the match between Pakistan and India in the International Cricket Council (ICC) Cricket World Cup 2023 have also increased.

According to the Indian media, after the hotel fares, the flight fares for Ahmedabad have also increased, the fares of the flights to Ahmedabad have skyrocketed.

After the announcement of India-Pakistan match of world cup 2023, tickets have increased 5 times: Indian media

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According to the Indian media, there has been a huge increase in the air tickets a day before the match, the tickets for New Delhi, Ahmedabad and Mumbai Ahmedabad sectors have seen a huge increase. It is being booked for 22 thousand rupees.

The travel agent says that after the announcement of the India-Pakistan match, the tickets have increased 5 times, in August and September, the same tickets are available for up to 3 thousand rupees.

It should be noted that earlier the Indian media had reported that the hotel rents are also talking to the sky.

It was reported in the Indian media that the booking of hotel rooms has also become rare, the rent of the hotel room has gone up to 50 thousand.

The match between Pakistan and India is scheduled on October 15 in Ahmedabad.