In a statement the Chief justice of India N V Rammana has stated that “Despite poverty, illiteracy, backwardness, inequalities and alleged ignorance prevailing at a large scale, the people of independent India have proven their intellect. Public has discharged their duties diligently and now is the turn of those who are running the important portfolios of the State. They have to ponder as to whether they proving faithful to the Constitutional mandate? Public debates, which should be logical and reasonable, needs to be viewed as an integral part of human values, which is necessary for a vibrant democracy. Judiciary cannot be regulated by legislature or executive otherwise ‘Rule of Law’ shall stand forfeited.” Justice Rammana has tendered a golden advice to the government.

In the last few preceding years economy has derailed whereas Health and educational infrastructure stands smitten by profanation and unemployment and inflation is at its historical peak. Farmers to professionals all are passing through tough times and daughters and businessmen are unsafe. Government in order to escape from its Constitutional responsibilities is creating tensions for the common man by endangering him and the government is hell bent upon it.

Presently there are three main issues engulfing the national media, firstly religious conversions, secondly the Khalistani network and thirdly the infighting of the opposition parties. Article 25 of our Constitution provides for Secularism for all religions including independence of inner cause intellect and to profess and practice any religion. This right cannot force someone to convert but one is free to choose one’s own religion. Generally the poverty stricken and starving masses adopt the religion of the institution which provides them relief. This is no crime but is the proof of the failure of the government in fulfilling its Constitutional responsibilities. These days’ cases in the name of religious conversions are being registered on daily basis. Government has nothing to offer to those downtrodden getting converted in lieu of their basic needs. This aspect is sufficient to set up the communal agenda which is enough to pollute and promote hatred. Framer’s agitation, which started from Punjab in protest against the three agrarian laws has assumed giant proportions whereas by citing the monetary assistance flowing from the expatriate families settled abroad, Khalistani connections are being flagged to break this up. Issue based politics is the bearing of our Country’s politics but now the internal strife of opposition parties has turned to be the issue. Being power greedy or being no alternative to power is the propaganda propagated which is in the interest of the ruling dispensation and profits the media also.

In August 2019, Article 370 was undemocratically abrogated and with the abrogation Kashmir turning into paradise was fantasized but two years down the lane situation there has worsened. Kasmiri Pandits could not secure their rights and their homes whereas the jobs so provided to them also got dropped. There has been a rise of 28% in communal rouse during the present regime compared to the previous ones. Incidents of communal clashes rose from 133 in 2014 to 194. In the early days of the Covid epidemic, Muslims of Markaz were labeled guilty of spreading the epidemic and prosecuted. Peaceful protests against CAA and NRC being staged in Delhi were attacked and Delhi was hurled in communal riots which endangered the lives of many while the establishments and houses of Muslims were ravaged. Delhi Police acted only against the members of Muslim community whereas videos of certain incidents were truly depicting another tale. It is parlous the way the majority community has been seeded with poison. The election process is to commence six months from now in five States of the country. In sensitive States process of turning communalism as the main issue has been initiated to polarize the voting on Hindu-Muslim agenda.

We all are aware of the fact that figures of unemployment has touched 25 crores whereas according to the data of international institutions the figure crosses 40 crore mark, which is rising at the rate of 9.2% resultantly the suicide rate is rising rapidly. More than 23 crore people have falling below poverty line. Middle class is shrinking while the poor are increasing. People struggling for two square meals is crossing 80 crore mark. Inflation is raking nearly 13% and the prices of household items have doubled in the last 7 years. Government statists defeat the government claims of providing online education for children as in government schools there is not even 3% internet service and there is not even 5% computers in these schools whereas there is no internet in 71.26 private schools and 64.73% schools do not have computers, despite this the government claims to be providing excellent education. More than 3000 companies have lined up for bankruptcy before NCLT for not repaying their loans while around a 1000 companies have been declared bankrupt and banks could not recover even 15% of the loan from their properties. Again a loan package has been declared as an economic relief, which people are avoiding as they have no capacity left to repay such loans. All leading companies have wound up in order to reduce their loans. Except for a few corporate houses none other is witnessing any growth, which is clear from the report of the Finance Commission.

Our misfortune is that the government instead of fighting with these menacing problems is busy instigating fight amongst the citizens. It’s playing a game of prosecution with the social media platforms and the farmers. Vocal youths are being labeled as accused and stashed up in jails. In this scenario, the question of Chief Justice Rammana assumes significance as to how much the government has been faithful to its public mandate. Actually the responsibility of the government is to create opportunities of golden future for all so that the public can prosper with their Constitutional freedoms. The path of future of the youth be paved. Crisis is that the government is not addressing these issues but is actively engaged to polarize votes, if such a scenario persist then the words of Winston Churchill spoken 6 months prior to our Independence might come true, which would lead to disasters ant not towards prosperity.

(Writer is the Chief Editor of ITV Network)