World Fashion Festival Awards WFFA is going to write history
DUBAI: In October 2022, World Fashion Festival Awards WFFA is going to write history again by achieving the WORLD Book of Guinness Records on various categories in the fields of ART, BEAUTY, CULTURE, FASHION and BUSINESS!
Women Empowerment has become inspirational for business strategies, enabling changing mindsets and challenging the actual ways of doing business. It has become a strong voice of switching from traditional to modern, from less risky to digit up and daring, from lagging to leading.
This is why the new season of WFFA is bringing up to light a new element of Business Empowerment dedicated to inspirational and motivational WOMEN LEADERS, for their outstanding minds and innovative solutions for actual business ideas in challenging environments and in various contexts (pandemic, war, social differences).
“If you feel you can empower women, if you are an inspirational female Leader and if you restlessly search to enable opportunities to make a difference in the world for all women, here is WFFA season 5 for you ” Ioana Albada
Year 2021 marked a great milestone for the UAE by celebrating the Jubilee of 50 years!

As a result, World Fashion Festival Awards wrote history by achieving the UAE Guinness Record of 50 Fashion Shows showcased in 3 days with amazingly talented designers from around the world!

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In October 2022, World Fashion Festival Awards is going to write history again by achieving the WORLD Book of Guinness Records on various categories in the fields of ART | BEAUTY | CULTURE | FASHION and BUSINESS!

Vision: Become a platform of choice for worldwide brands and companies interested in setting-up a representation or a business setup into the UAE.

Mission: Build an attractive platform for all industries and adhere to the highest business standards in its conduct.

Strategic Goal: Define and promote a global platform that connects Business Leaders, Diplomats, Government Officials, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Eminent members of society who have distinguished themselves in different walks of life.

VENUE: Park Hyatt Hotel Dubai
DATES: 11-16 October 2022


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World Fashion Festival Awards WFFA is going to write history

Ana-Maria Simion and Ioana Al Bada are two ambitious women (double nationalities, Romanian–Austrian and Romanian-Italian who succeeded building their careers from the scratch, coming from the same educational background (Economics) but working in two different industries, Oil & Gas and Hospitality. Their work- experiences and ‘Know-how’ motivated them to develop their own project, co-founding the company HIT HIGH EVENTS & ADVERTISING AGENCY and setting up a team with inspiring goals and vision to create unique concepts of events, just like World Fashion Festival Awards.

About WFFA

WFFA 5 is Ready to Achieve WORLD Book of Guinness Records

World Fashion Festival Awards is a unique platform combining beautifully the ART, BEAUTY, CULTURE and FASHION under one single umbrella dedicated to raising the profile of worldwide fashion designers, writers, painters, local and international artists and industry professionals headed to Dubai (one of the most important cities in the world) for gaining Middle East recognition and appreciation of their talent and work.

The concept was launched by Hit High Events and Advertising Agency (in 2018) founded by two amazing women under one vision: Establish sustainable bridges between the worldwide countries and the UAE (Middle East Hub) by Recognizing, Promoting and Awarding the BEST achievements in the field of ART | BEAUTY | CULTURE and FASHION.

Women empowerment is one of the preferred topics around the globe for conferences, symposiums, TV shows and events and it is genuinely a great opportunity to meet and discover incredible stories of women with high potential in any industry, from hospitality to oil & gas field, from entertainment to medical field, from piloting or stewarding to military.