LAHORE: It has been 10 years since Babu Baral, who spread happiness on millions of faces through Pakistani stage dramas, films and TV, lost his fans but even today his performances still rule the hearts of millions of viewers.

Unique style actor Babbu Baral also sang as a singer and gained immense popularity. Stage-versed stage comedian Ayub Akhtar alias Babu Baral has acted in hundreds of stage dramas and several films for 30 years.

Babu Baral, who started his artistic journey from Gujranwala in 1982, soon found a place in the hearts of the audience and soon moved to Lahore where he embarked on a 30-year journey of the stage world laughing and smiling.

Babu Baral also recorded an album as a glue car, his stage show “Shartiya Mathe” gained a lot of fame. In addition to acting, Babu Baral also wrote and directed stage plays. His last film was Chanan Sachi Machi, a Punjabi film released in 2010. The great stage artist from Gujranwala rose to fame due to his unique style.