Written By : Syed Shahid Abbas Kazmi

Third wave of corona is in full swing in Pakistan. Positive cases are on rise. But unfortunately, Government is not doing enough to counter third wave of Covid19. There are still gatherings can be seen on public places. Marriage Halls are also managing big events in background, as they pose to shut down halls, but managing events in parking lots of halls. Furthermore, no one is following Covid19 SOPs in Markets and Shopping Malls. Shopping is going on, and also peoples are gathering in shopping malls more than the persons defined in SOPs.

Why positive cases are on a rise on daily basis? Why we are failing to tackle this pandemic? We have to search for the basic cause of our failure. Circulated in news, that ratio is now10% or more positive cases in total daily testing capacity. It’s alarming and showing that we are now falling in danger zone regarding this pandemic. While writing these lines, NCOC confirming 4525 new positive cases in 24 hours total 40369 tests, which is 11.2% of total tests. This rise in positive cases showing our behaviors towards this pandemic.  41 deaths reported in last 24 hours, which is not a good sign by all means. There must be some strictness regarding SOPs, otherwise there will be no time left to do the needful. There are confirm reports that third wave of Covid19 is more powerful than earlier two. Damages are fatal in third wave, but we are still very casual approach to deal with it. We are still unable to aware general public. Peoples are even taking this third wave lightly than earlier two waves.

What we can do? First of all, we have to create awareness’ in general public regarding severity of third wave of Covid19, as we can see and observe that general public is ignorant to this pandemic. They are not following SOPs of Covid19 in any aspect of life now. Wearing mask is not been practices regularly. Gatherings are still happening in populated areas of main cities. School and Colleges are still managing classes in a way, which is not according to Covid19 SOPS. Shopping malls are not acting on given guidelines by Local Government. Street shops are still doing business even after the closure time according to Covid19 SOPs. General Public is also avoiding vaccination. Government officials are also attending big events without knowing that general public may follow them for their behaviors. Apart from daily meetings to counter Covid19, nothing is happening on ground.

We have to follow SOPs otherwise this evil will get us under its wings.