The US Dollar broke all Records and touched 227 Rupees

In Pakistan, the US dollar rose by another Rs 2 to hit an all-time high of Rs 227.

According to the details, the value of Pakistani rupee fell further, the dollar remained at the highest level in history even on the fourth day of the business week.

As soon as the market opened, the dollar rose by 2 rupees 8 paise to 227 rupees, while banks are buying the dollar at 227 rupees and selling it at 230 rupees.

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According to Forex dealers, the dollar is selling at Rs 228 to Rs 229 in the Vipin market.

Experts say that a new condition is emerging from the IMF, now the IMF has made the installment of one billion seventeen million dollars conditional on the funding of Saudi Arabia.

The Ministry of Finance has not confirmed or denied this news of Bloomberg.