Dua Zahra's Husband Zaheer can be Arrested Anytime ?

Karachi: Dua Zahra husband Zaheer and her brother Shabbir filed a bail application, the hearing of the application is expected after some time.

According to the details, in the case of Dua Zahra’s alleged kidnapping, Zaheer reached the city court, Dua Zahra’s husband Zaheer and her brother Shabbir filed a bail application in front of the district judge.

In the petition, it was said that the marriage of choice, want to face trial and charges, the police should be stopped from arresting.

Dua Zahra’s husband’s application is expected to be heard after some time.

Earlier, a hearing was held in the Sindh High Court regarding the Dua Zahra recovery case, in which the Sindh government and the federal government’s lawyer supported Dua’s transfer to Karachi.

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The government lawyer said that since the case is being heard in Karachi, the girl should be transferred to Karachi in state custody.

On which Justice Mohammad Iqbal Kalhoro remarked that the crime took place in Karachi, the case is in Karachi, so the hearing will also be held in Karachi, the girl has to be brought to Karachi, there will be no danger to the girl even in Karachi.

The petitioner’s lawyer said that the police have admitted that Zaheer was in Karachi at the time of Dua Zahra’s abduction. The girl is in danger from her husband, not her parents, but the girl cannot be transferred to Karachi because of the insistence of the lawyer.

On which the court declared that Dua Zahra has been proved to be underage, her statement has no importance, they want the girl to be kept in the shelter home where the case is pending.