Brahmins Fall From Power ! Ajay Shukla

We remember our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru’s speech on the night of independence. He had then said “In future we don’t have to rest. You do not have to sit peacefully, but you have to try continuously. By this we can fulfill what we say or are saying. To serve India means to serve crores of victims. It means eradicating ignorance and poverty, eradicating diseases and inequality of opportunity. It has been the wish of the greatest man of our generation that tears should be wiped out of every eye. It may not be entirely possible for us, but as long as people have tears in their eyes and they are suffering, our work will not be over. That’s why we have to work hard so that we can make our dreams come true. These dreams are for India as well as for the whole world. Today one cannot think of himself as completely isolated, because all nations and peoples are closely related to each other. Just as peace cannot be divided, so freedom cannot be divided. This world cannot be divided into small parts. We have to build such a free great India, where all her children can live”. Today, when we have reached the 75th year of independence from British rule. At that time these words of Pandit Nehru have become even more important.

The Taliban, known for their religious fanaticism, has seized power in our neighbour Afghanistan. In the second neighbour, Memyar, the army there has seized power. Our relations with Pakistan have never been good. Now, we do not have very good relations with China, Sri Lanka and Nepal also. The hanger-on like Bhutan and a superpower like America are also angry with us. The majority of the population of our country has started adopting Talibani culture after being a victim of religious fanaticism. In which there is not much room left for anyone other than himself. This is the situation when in the 75th year of independence, we are 94 in the Global Hunger Index, which is the worst condition in Asia except for Afghanistan. There are only 12 countries behind us in the world, which the common man does not even know. Our Prime Minister tells this with pride from the Red Fort that he is giving free food grains to 80 crore people till Diwali under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana. It can be understood from this figure that how and who will line up for free food grains like beggars. Government figures show that 37 crore people were poor in 2019 and now 80 crores are in line for two-time bread. You should also know that only 9 rich people of India have half the wealth of the country and half of the country’s population of 135 crore lives. According to the American Research Center, due to short-sighted policies during the Corona period, the middle-class in the country has decreased by a third, while the number of poor has doubled. According to the World Happiness Report, India is ranked 139th out of 149 countries. It can be understood how many eyes are filled with tears. This is the situation when all other neighboring countries of India are happier than that. The report of the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy says that the unemployment rate in India is currently the highest since independence at 14.5 percent. In the last few years, 55 percent of the households of the country have not only lost their income, but despair has engulfed them. So, where is the country heading? It is the collaborative responsibility of all of us to think about this. Despair, unemployment and starvation have provoked suicides among the tired and helpless citizens of this country.

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We have lost a considerable number of people in our country due to COVID-19. Whether it is the freedom of the press or the incidents of increasing mutual hatred, India is getting scolded all over the world. The farmers of the country have been in worse condition than the refugees on the borders of the capital for the last nine months. During this, hundreds of farmers have lost their lives. These farmers have been constantly maligned as anti-nationals, Khalistanis and pro-Pak-China. On the other hand, it is becoming the social nature of the country that the Muslim community is the enemy of the majority. Attacks are being made against him openly. Incidents ranging from hate propaganda to lynchings are common. Most of the political parties are not in favour of taking any action against them under the pressure of the vote bank. The parties which support the victims are branded as anti-nationals. Religious fundamentalism is leading us in the direction of Talibani culture. There has been a sudden increase in crimes against women and girls. They are being victimized in various ways ranging from sexual violence. Along with democratic institutions, the dignity of the judiciary has also fallen. The impartiality of these institutions is under question. Be it investigative agencies or the social media that becomes the voice of the common man, all are compelled to run in power. On 15th August, the Prime Minister gave a speech of 88 minutes. This speech also contained more or less the same things that have been happening for a long time. In such a situation, the question arises that those words of the first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, will remain as mere words, in which it was said that we have to do something that tears should be dried from every citizen’s eyes.
At this time, the need of the country is to eliminate religious fundamentalism and move forward in the direction of the development of the people. We have to wipe the tears from everyone’s eyes. There is a need to distance themselves from those who think only for themselves. Our Prime Minister rightly said that this is the time, this is the right time, this is the precious time of India, there is the power of innumerable arms everywhere. If we can give the right direction and conditions to this power, everyone will benefit. Reduce the burden of taxes on the common man and increase their social security. Work to every hand and prosperity to every household will come only when public money is spent not on a few but for the benefit of all. Put a check on the arrogance of power and the frills spread in the name of security should end. Security is needed by the common man and not by those who enjoy power. Our religion gives the message of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. In the words of Pandit Nehru, “We have to build a free glorious India where all her children can live”. When these words are meaningful, freedom will also be worthwhile.