America and NATO Should Not Create Panic in Afghanistan, A Time for Global Peace

Now the current discussion of Afghan issue is how the peace process can sustain in Afghanistan and what should be the role of America and NATO in Afghanistan in aftermath of their failure in Afghanistan. It is in their favor that they should not create panic in Afghanistan and it may be the last opportunity that America can bring the world toward the global peace. The instant task on the part of America and NATO is to evacuate their nationals from Afghanistan at the earliest possible time. The list includes all Americans and foreign nationals who wish to leave, as well as Afghans who, by virtue of having worked with and for foreign militaries or other foreign organizations, believe that their lives are in danger, although the Taliban have declared general amnesty to every person without discrimination. A third group includes Afghans who simply wish to quit, should understand that Afghanistan is their own country and they are to live there and therefore they must surrender their wish to quit homeland.

Once the urgent task of evacuations is completed, the nation should swiftly turn to the matter of accountability. The United States, going back to George W. Bush’s administration, spent nearly $89 billion to train Afghan security forces. In light of what happened in Afghanistan the focus should be on where that money went, how it was spent, and why that mission failed so completely. In Afghanistan, the former supreme allied commander at NATO observed, “Our hubris and arrogance did not serve us well.… And the endemic corruption on the part of the Afghan government at every level hurt us badly, but we did not do enough to root it out.”

While reporting on Afghanistan, it is very encouraging that during all retaking of the country by Taliban, even a single shop, market, a bank, or a money exchange or any other outlet was not plundered, nor was even a single daughter or sister of any person seen with dirty eye by a single Taliban. People at large from different corners and segments across the country generally welcomed Mujahideen and they retook their homeland without a single resistance. It is very amazing that when Taliban took over their own country, the big powers went berserk and when Israel took over other’s people country, the whole world still silence.

Sustainable public support is now a real challenge when unfortunate insurgency by Ahmad Masood of Panjshir Valley and reservations of the Afghans of Northern sides is although a threat but the conditions overall in Afghanistan are not downhearted, as the latest news is that Ahmad Masood is deeply thinking for surrendering Panjshir valley to the Mujahideen. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid in official statement has said that situation in Afghanistan is altogether being normalized, educational institutions and hospitals are open and functional. He has asked America and EU that they can evacuate all their citizens’ altogether but they must avoid and abstain to provoke Afghan people to quit Afghanistan.

President Joe Biden in his recent statement remarked, “I will not mislead the American people by claiming that just a little more time in Afghanistan would make all the difference, our mission to degrade the terrorist threat of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and to kill Osama bin Laden was a success. Our decades-long effort to overcome centuries of history and permanently change and remake Afghanistan was not reality.”It now falls to President Joe Biden—and his successors—to ensure that the future of US global engagement is conducted honestly, without subterfuge and spin, and with the full support of the American people. I think it’s more than enough face saving for the most stakeholder America. Enough is enough and America now must revisit its scoundrel betting in Afghanistan, where all records of American causalities unlike casualties and defeat in Vietnam in 1973 have already been built. America and NATO must take lesson from their disgraceful failure in Afghanistan.

Taliban warns of ‘consequences’ if US delays withdrawal by 31 August 2021

As the news that President Joe Biden to decide on extension of August 31 withdrawal deadline as Taliban warns against ‘extending occupation’. The Taliban will not agree to an extension of the evacuation mission from Afghanistan and is “warning of consequences” if it is prolonged beyond its deadline. The move would mean “extending occupation” and that is “a red line”, the Afghan spokesman has warned. It is encouraging that President Joe Biden and the State officials have reiterated that America has no ambitions to delay its stay and that all evacuations and exit will be completed by 31th August 2021.

Now the big challenge for Taliban is how they convert their legitimate representation of Afghanistan into the widespread recognition from most vibrant countries of the world. The Prime Minister Imran Khan told an Afghan delegation, led by former vice president Muhammad Younas Qanooni, that Pakistan was committed to support an inclusive government in Afghanistan. The delegation of political leaders from Afghanistan arrived here for talks amidst a rapid takeover of the country by the Taliban. The positive signals are coming that encompassed with America, Russia, China, Turkey and Iran, the world is showing its disposition and ambition to work with the Taliban, if the Taliban succeed to institute an inclusive and a broad based government in Afghanistan. The Taliban should take on board among others, all notable leaders of the northern sides of the country and give them their due share in the new broad based government. It is the first time; the leaders of the northern sides may reciprocate to the Taliban in the same coin. This is the only pragmatic and sustainable way, the United States and world community can initiate with developing a new horizon in the world with steadfast support of Pakistan for regional and global economic development and for economic uplift of all poor nations.