Written By : Syed Shahid Abbas Kazmi

Pakistan is diverse country in every field of society. We do criticize but don’t want to change ourselves. We do call names to political leaders but don’t have courage to vote the right person. We are against prominent figures of and sect of life but still want to get a photo with them. May chant slogans against bribery but do it to get solve our queries in different departments of public interest. Will lead the rallies to change the society but feel honored to get electricity through famous “Kunda System”. It’s now overall behavior of whole society to just talk in words but don’t do it with act. Pakistan is an interesting country where everyone wants to be an Asian Tiger but don’t bother to play its role to make it an Asian Tiger or a respectable one in the World.

Tariq Bashir Cheema is a strong politician of Punjab. He is affiliated with Pakistan Muslim League (Q). Under the leadership of Ch. Shujat Hussain and Ch. Pervez Ellahi, Tariq Bashir Cheema took oath of Federal Minister for Housing and Works. After video released on Instagram, controversy got fire. Everyone was in anger against Mr. Tariq and put him in the line of fire to use his influence to get vaccinated. What’s the problem? And what’s the point of discussion in this whole matter?

Government of Pakistan started vaccination process but currently only Health Workers and persons over 60 years of age are eligible to get doze of vaccine. Mr. Tariq Bashir Cheema and family don’t fall under these criteria. And that’s the only point of discussion. Ultimately, If Cheema family went through first of second doze of vaccine, he must have used is political influence to complete this task. And more interestingly, health workers did their job at place of Mr. Cheema. It means he got some kind of VVIP protocol to move health workers team to his house. Which is, by all means, is against social norms and ethics.

Mr. Tariq tried to clarify to this issue saying, “It was a trial vaccination under supervision of UHS” and also Iffat Omer tried to clarify in the same who, she was also amongst the ones got vaccinated. That is really childish; trial vaccination needs some courage and calmness. We all know that trial of anything can have a failure. So what a courageous family this is who is risking a failure on them for Pakistani Nation? Cheema Family not only get vaccinated out of turn but also at their home in a VVIP Protocol too. Just amaized to listen some of persons like, loyal to the kind more than the king, are even defending this unethical act by this political strong family. We want to change this country and still don’t have the courage to call the wrong as wrong.

Good news is, reports are already on media to tackle this controversy on merit. And after investigations facts will be shared. It has to be, because we are in situation of pandemic and even if in this situation our elite class is not sincere with this society and country then they need to be get punished in a way which they deserve.

But in last, I must say, we don’t have to except more from this issue, as our Government is depending on PMLQ. And they can easily skip this controversy for the sake of Chair of Power.