Islamabad (Shahid Kazmi – Tabish Gohar is new SA for Petroleum, in continuation of his charge as SA for Power, after Ex-SA for Petroleum Mr. Nadeem Babar asked to step down by Prime Minister Imran Khan. Mr. Gohar will also continue to perform his earlier duties of SA for Power. In recent days, Mr. Nadeem Babar received heavy criticism regarding Fuel Crisis in recent past. Some voices of anger were also heard in cabinet against Ex-SA for Petroleum Mr. Nadeem Babar. Cabinet Division issued both the notifications, first for Nadeem Babar regarding his removal as SA for Petroleum and second for giving additional charge of SA for Petroleum to current SA advisor on Power Mr. Tabish Gohar.

Recently, Mr. Tabish Gohar resigned from his current portfolio of SA for Power but PM Imran Khan denied his resignation and asked him to continue his duty as SA for Power. Following denial to his resignation, Mr. Tabish Gohar was assured by PM Imran Khan for resolution of all pending issues, including strong hand dealing with Power Mafia.

PTI Government faced criticism and tough time regarding last year’s fuel crises, which erupted unknowingly. PMLN and PPP Led PDM Alliance also criticized PTI Government for being ignorant to this kind of issues, and slammed Government Policies in contrast to Fuel Crisis of Last Year.

PM Imran Khan is facing some serious problems to handle his team as he also removed Mr. Hafeez Sheikh who was appointed Finance Minister after removal of Asad Umer.