By: Rana Ali Zohaib (Pakistan): Souha Dayeh spoke to RAZ TV during the World Fashion Festival Awards Dubai 2021(WFFA-2021) seminar at Sofitel Palm hotel Dubai. 

Who is she and what is her career? readers can read the all about her in this article.

Souha Dayeh is Syrian from Aleppo, living currently in Düsseldorf-Germany for the last six years. After finishing degree in French Literature in 2001, She started work as a beauty trainer and mentor, which occupied her for 9 years.

Afterwards, She got engaged in the fashion industry, as she studied Fashion-Design and worked as a senior designer for a famous local kidswear-brand.

Souha With Said Omari in Dubai During the World Fashion Festival Awards 2021

“My career has been in the design and creation domain, as I participated and organized many events and fashion-shows, had many courses in styling, relooking, body language and Image consulting before creating my own brand “Miroir” for design and image consulting” She Said.

Answering a question, she said, “My business-start in Germany aimed to diffuse the oriental fragrance and soul in the western societies. To build a chemistry, which combines the Oriental magic and the German quality and standards, to match the European lifestyle”.

“I started my online store called ”SCHANTAA”, which offers elegant bags, accessories and home decorations. Maintaining my passion for creation I launched a special collection of handmade luxury designs under my name ”Souha Dayeh”, she added.

During the Corona lockdown, she started to be more active on social media, especially in live streams, as she have three weekly live-consultancies for women, giving advices and tips all around their appearance and lifestyle.