Shaukat Tareen Audio Leaked With PB & KP Finance Minister

PTI leader Shaukat Tareen’s telephonic conversation audio leaked with the finance ministers of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. According to Geo News

In Leaked Audio , Shaukat Tareen told Mohsin Laghari that all of you have signed the commitment of 750 billion to the IMF, you have to say now that the commitment we gave was before the flood, you say Now because of flood we will have to spend a lot of money, you have to write now that we will not be able to fulfill this commitment, you have to write that and do nothing else.

On Shaukat Tarin’s request, Mohsin Leghari replied by saying yes.

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Shaukat Tareen further said in the conversation that we all want pressure on them, they are bringing us in and accusing us of terrorism, they are going completely scot free, this cannot be allowed.

The former finance minister told Mohsin Laghari that Taimur is sending it in an hour, you can also send it to me, then we will send it to the federal government, then we will release it to the representatives of the IMF.

On Shaukat Tareen’s words, Punjab Finance Minister Mohsin Leghari asked if this will not harm the state. On this, Shaukat Tareen said that the way they are treating the chairman and others, is the state not suffering from this? Look, it will definitely happen that the IMF will say where will the money come from, they will come with a mini-budget, they are mistreating us and blackmailing us in the name of the state, we can’t help them. And this we have decided yesterday.

Shaukat Tareen said that we will ask the chairman whether it is to be released to the IMF or not.

On this, Mohsin Leghari said that there is no more powerful tool than social media, Shaukat Tareen replied that yes, we don’t need to release it, social media will do it by itself, Taimur was saying and I know his number two better. He will leak anyway, we will make a scene so that it is not seen that we are harming the state, if you will not be able to give then your commitment means zero.

Shaukat Tareen’s conversation with Finance Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Shaukat Tareen asked Timur Jhagra in a telephone conversation that you have made a letter? On this, Timur Jhagra said that I am making it now, I have an old letter, I am on my way, I am making it now and sending it to you.

Shaukat Tareen while instructing Finance Minister Taimur Jhagra said that the biggest and first point in the letter will be that the flood that has occurred has sunk the fleet of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the first point should be that we need a lot of money for rehabilitation in the flood affected areas. Should, I have told Laghari too.

After listening to Shaukat Tarin, Taimur Jhagra said that by the way, this is a blackmailing tactic.

Former finance minister Shaukat Tareen said that by writing this letter today, he will send a copy to the Ashtars with the IMF so that if it is known that they were keeping money from us by arm-cushioning, we will take that money. will

On Shaukat Tareen’s talk, Taimur Jhagra said, “Okay, I made that and I know the number 2 of the IMF, I have been taking all the information from the number 2 of the IMF who is here.” .

Taimur Jhagra further said that Mohsin also called me and I have spoken to him, Khan Sahib and Mehmood Khan have told me that we should hold a press conference together. He was that we will do it, after that we will hold a seminar on Monday, if we have to hold a press conference on it then we can do that too if we send the letter.

Timur Jhagra replied to Shaukat Tareen that let’s send the letter first, ok.