ShahZain Bugti Announces Separation From Federal Government

ISLAMABAD: Big shock to Imran Khan, After meeting PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Shahzain Bugti announced his separation from the federal government.

National Assembly member Shah Zain Bugti called on Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in Islamabad. PML-N and PPP National Assembly members were also present in the meeting.

Addressing a press conference with Bilawal after the meeting, Shahzain Bugti said that we were given a mandate to improve the situation and restore peace but the government could not deliver anything.

Talking to media, Shah Zain Bugti, while announcing his separation from the federal government, also announced his resignation from the post of Advisor to the Prime Minister on Balochistan Affairs and said that we are with the PDM.

He said that even a week ago he told the government that there are more than 290,000 refugees in Balochistan. These refugees have been helpless since 2005.

In response to a question, Shah Zain Bugti said that the problems of Balochistan are not hidden from anyone, the Prime Minister can better say that he paid attention to the Nexus area.

Leader of Jamhoori Watan Party said that we fulfilled our responsibility and did our job honestly, but the government did not fulfill its promises, the people of Balochistan have confidence in us, it has been hurt, in three and a half years in Balochistan. No progress.

He said that the language being used against the opposition does not make sense, the PDM includes real and old political parties and we are with them.

It may be recalled that Shah Zain Bugti is an ally of Prime Minister Imran Khan while the opposition said that Imran Khan’s allies in the no-confidence motion would also vote against him.