ISLAMABAD: NCOC chief Asad Omar has said that more decisions have been taken regarding Corona which will be announced on Friday and further sanctions will have to be extended.

Briefing the media after the NCOC meeting, Asad Umar said that the rate of corona cases in Karachi is 13% and in Hyderabad it is 14%. The number of patients going to the hospital has increased to more than 600. After a while some get worse and have to be put on oxygen.
Asad Omar said that the number of patients on oxygen has exceeded 4500. In the first wave of the epidemic in June, there were more than 3400 patients with corona in oxygen, this time more than 30% of the patients are on oxygen.

“This week is extremely dangerous. Pakistan has the highest number of deaths since the onset of the epidemic this week. There are many cities where the use of ventilators has increased by more than 80 per cent,” he said. The number of manufactures is not innumerable, so our oxygen supply chain seems to be growing at an alarming rate.

The federal minister said the NCOC had made some more decisions today which it would share with the provinces and would announce the decisions on Friday, which would require further restrictions because of the way the epidemic is spreading now. If the epidemic is not stopped immediately, there will be no way out except to close the big cities.

“The situation is very serious at the moment, it needs to be taken very seriously and I appeal to the nation to show seriousness. We have one last chance, the big cities are not closing yet, but we have a few days to do so, if the nation If the administration played a role, it is hoped that this step will not have to be taken, otherwise there will be no other way but to close the big cities.