ISLAMABAD: Ramadan relief package has started from today at utility stores across the country.

A statement issued by the spokesperson of the Utility Stores Corporation said that the Ramadan relief package has been launched at 4,881 utility stores across the country from today, under which the public will be provided Rs 7.8 billion on 19 essential items for daily use.

A discount of Rs. Discounts will also be given on purchases of items worth more than Rs 1,500 at utility stores.

A statement issued by the utility stores yesterday said that under the Ramadan package, a 20 kg bag of flour will be available at Rs 800, sugar at Rs 68 per kg and ghee at Rs 170 per kg, Rs 50 per tea leaf. Discount will be given per kg, while Rs 15 per kg on white gram, Rs 15 to 30 per kg on pulses, Rs 20 per kg on dates, Rs 10 to 12 per kg on rice, Rs 20 per kg on basin and Rs 10 per kg on spices. Percentage discount will be given