Syed Shahid Abbas Kazmi

PTI lost the advantage. No more blame game is possible regarding their performance in Central and Punjab. Imran Khan lost battle regarding the ongoing political situation in Islamabad, the Capital, and in Punjab. PTI is now accepting, what they were denying a few weeks back. A big defeat on grounds of morality.

Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf is, no doubt, a crowd puller, still sensed in the Parade Ground event of 27 March. But It is also now proven that PTI and its leadership lost the battle in the political scenario. Imran Khan posed to act wisely by removing Sardar Usman Khan Buzdar in Punjab from CM’ship. Was it a wise move? A big question mark arises, as PMLQ is now getting notices even having less the 10 Punjab Assembly members, along with just 05 in NA.

Earlier, in his statements, Imran Khan categorically denied any reports to join hands with PMLQ through blackmailing, but very unfortunate for the PTI fan club, that Imran Khan once against taking a U-Turn from his stance of not being blackmailed by anyone.
It is more interesting that PM Imran Khan also bashed MQM-Pakistan for blackmailing Central Government. But now also shifting to the back step, PTI leadership is not only offering Governorship of Sindh to MQM-Pakistan but also gifting them with the Federal Ministry of Ports and Shipping. In the same case as PMLQ, MQM-Pakistan is getting enough from ongoing political unrest.

Punjab is a safe zone to date, that’s what PTI leadership is thinking right now. But the ground scenario is a little different. If Pervaiz Elahi becomes a strong CM in the coming days, It will surely create some more troubles for PTI as they may lose the battle in Punjab in the next General Elections. On the other hand, MQM-Pakistan is also getting what it wanted. This is surely a losing point for Imran Khan and PTI Family. As they were pushed to the wall by MQM-Pakistan.

By setting new standards in Punjab and Sindh, the PTI think-tank is unable to handle the political situation in their favor. Even though the No-Confidence Motion is out of the question in Punjab but PTI is losing grip of Punjab. Aleem Khan also wanted to become CM of Punjab. He will be creating problems with his team in the next General Elections. Jehangir Khan Tarin is also on the front foot as they are supporting Pervez Elahi in Punjab now.

What will be the situation in the coming days, wait and watch.