250 Degrees, 700 Awards, 12000 Students, Who is Young Indian ?

⌈Mumbai is a city of dreams. In this dream city, many people fulfill their dreams and live. Dr. Pratik Rajan Mungekar is a person who has made a name for himself in the fields of education, research, arts and social services in a short span of time across the country and the world]

Representing India as a Resource Speaker on the occasion of United Nation’s Day Celebration in an International conference on Sustainable Development Goals.

1) He is the first indian to be appointed as the planetary Minister of Sustainable Development of Newly emerging The Kingdom of Atlantis (a Decentralized Sovereign kingdom)

2) He is the first youngest Indian whose book Introduction to sustainable Development Goals (Non Academic) is now part of Atlantean Education program.

3) He is first youngest Indian to receive 250+ Honorary Doctorates from all over the world.

4)He is first youngest Indian professor who taught to more than 8000+ Students & Career guided 4000+ Students till date & the count is still on.

5) He is the first Indian who has 650+ International, National & State Awards at the age of 27 for his contribution in the field of Teaching & Research.

6) He is the first youngest Indian to receive 125+ Honorary High Degrees across the Globe.

7) He is the first Indian to be appointed by 35+ International organizations on various High-positions at the same time.

8) He is the first youngest Indian to be appointed as Ambassador by 36 organization of many countries in almost all disciplines.

9) He is the first Indian youngest professor to start teaching at the age of sixteen, the age of twenty Seven He has completed twelve years of Teaching.

10) He is the first Youngest Indian to receive Royal &Prestigious Titles such as 1)Lecturus Magnificus (L.M.), 2) H.R.H. 5* Duke.

245 Degrees, 650 Awards, 8000 Students, Who is Young Indian Dr Pratik?
Receiving Honorary Doctorate Doctor of Education (D.Ed) from World Human Rights Protection Council ( WHRPC)

Pratik was born into a typical Maharashtrian family in Mumbai. The family consists of four members – he, parents and a younger sister. Pratik’s father Rajan Mungekar was a Kabaddi player and Textile mill worker. He initially worked in a private company. But when the company closed down, he got a job as a mill worker at the Morarji Mill in Mumbai.

Due to the poor financial condition of his family, he had to leave his education and take up a job to fulfill their Siblings education and household responsibilities. After his marriage, he was frequently accompanied by his wife.

245 Degrees, 650 Awards, 8000 Students, Who is Young Indian Dr Pratik?
Addressing on Global Peace in World Peace Conference 2021

Pratik’s Mother – Mrs. Manisha Mungekar – She fulfilled her duties as a mother and housewife. She has also worked in many Small Scale companies to earn for the education of the children on occasion. How can children be nurtured while caring for children? She Constantly tried for this. She completed the children’s education by mortgaging all her jewellery to complete both the children’s schooling and higher education.

245 Degrees, 650 Awards, 8000 Students, Who is Young Indian Dr Pratik?
Addressing the Convocation Ceremony AIIPPHS Delhi University

No one reached out for the education of their children. It was the wish of the parents that their children should grow up with a good education. The mother was constantly struggling for both the children to come out on top in different competitions. Special emphasis was laid on the study preparation of both the children – Recitation, Drawing, and Beautiful Handwriting. Along with education, she also emphasis on his children to learn singing, playing instruments, dance, oratory, storytelling, painting, writing, poetry / verse reading, and frequent encouragement to participate in competitions.

245 Degrees, 650 Awards, 8000 Students, Who is Young Indian Dr Pratik?
Receiving Honorary Doctorate-Doctor of Science ( D.Sc) from All India Institute of Physical & Pre-medical Health Science Delhi University (AIIPPHS) government of India.

How can children be the first to take the responsibility of going where there is competition? This mother who strives for it can be called really great. The greatness of this mother was that without wanting money, comforts, only children should be highly educated.

We were not able to get education due to the circumstances but our children should get a good education”. Growing up under the tutelage of such parents and being aware of the real situation, Pratik had a different dream at an early age – he started taking steps to fulfill his dream of becoming a great scientist in India with higher education.

Pratik’s Early Education (Kindergarden to Third standard) was done in R.M.Bhatt High School. And further Education from 4th to 10th was done at Swami Vivekanand Vidyamandir Dattanagar School in Dombivali. He had made a name for himself in school life by participating in various competitions at school. After studying in Semi English, he got 87% marks in the 10th board examination. Later, he decided to pursue a diploma.

Receiving Honorary Doctorate Doctor of Education ( D.Ed) from Commonwealth Vocational University Kingdom of Tunga Near Australia.

At the age of sixteen, he started taking coaching classes in Mumbai from class five to ten, so that his parents would not have to bear the cost of his education. Since he was interested in teaching from the beginning, he continued his education for the sake of teaching. He studied for a Diploma in Technical and Applied Chemistry from the V.J.T.I. college. He got the opportunity to work as a professor in the same college from which he completed his diploma. He then completed his Engineering in Biotechnology and PhD in Spectroscopy. While pursuing this higher education, he was also guided by a renowned person, Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar. Considering Mashelkar’s ideology as an ideal, he continued his journey on the path of progress.

Receiving Honorary Doctorate Doctor of Education ( D.Ed) from Brampton International University Canada.

Today marks his twelfth anniversary of the symbolism in the field of education, teaching and research. During these twelve years, Pratik has educated more than 8000+ students and also counselled more than 4000+ students. He has been honoured with more than 650+ International, National and state awards for his contributions in the field of Education and Research. He has received more than 240+ Honorary Doctorates worldwide. At the tender age of 27, he became the only Indian to set 15 world records in the fields of Education, Teaching and Research.

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Addressing the National Indian Icon ceremony in Delhi 2021. Delivering talk on Right to Education in front of 500 Dignitaries from all over the India in Delhi

During his travels, he made significant contributions to more than a hundred international conferences as a keynote speaker on a wide range of topics, including Global, Cultural, Ideological and Scientific. He also wrote a book based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals named as Introduction to Sustainable Development Goals which won several international awards and now became a part of the Atlantean Education Program. More than 35+ Research Papers were published in various International, National Journals, Magazines and Newspapers. He also co-authored books on various topics. While doing all this, Pratik is also taking Indian Classical Vocal Music training of the Jaipur Atrauli Gharana.

Today, the name of Prof. Dr. Pratik Rajan Mungekar is no longer common but is emerging as a distinguished Scientist, Professor, World Educationist, Published Writer, Counsellor, Social Worker and an International Speaker.