ISLAMABAD: Inflation in the country reached a seven-month high. During March 2021, inflation rose to 9.05 percent.

According to a report released by the Bureau of Statistics, inflation rose by 0.36% in March compared to February. Inflation in February 2021 was 8.7 percent. In March 2020, the inflation rate was 10.2 percent.

According to the Statistics, the average inflation rate for July-March was 8.34 percent. In March, sugar became 4.82% more expensive in urban areas on a monthly basis. On a monthly basis, tomatoes became 4.67% more expensive in March. Potatoes became dearer by 9.54%, eggs by 12.96% and flour by 1.46%.

According to a report , sugar became more expensive by 23.47% in March in urban areas on an annual basis. Flour became 18.94% more expensive in March on an annual basis. Wheat became costlier by 35.17%, chicken by 40.73% and eggs by 64.62%.

According to the statistics, ghee rose by 17.46 per cent and coking oil by 15.25 per cent. From July to March, potatoes became costlier by 39 per cent and wheat by 32.62 per cent. During the same period, sugar became costlier by 24.27%, flour by 15% and ghee by 19.35%. Onions became 50 percent cheaper in March on an annual basis. Vegetables became cheaper by 22%, potatoes by 6.25%, tomatoes by 3% and fruits by 2.83%.