Lahore: Japan has approved a grant of Rs 6.20 billion for the Punjab government. The water treatment plant and water distribution system in Faisalabad will be improved, the Punjab Chief Minister wrote a letter of thanks to the Japanese Ambassador.

Japanese Ambassador wrote a letter to Chief Minister Usman Bazdar informing him of the grant provided by the Government of Japan. Chief Minister Usman Bazdar thanked the Government of Japan and the Ambassador of Japan for the grant. Punjab values ​​Japan’s cooperation in raising the living standards of the people. Appreciate Japan’s cooperation in improving the lives of the people of Punjab.

Usman Bazdar said that improvement in drainage and water supply system in Faisalabad is urgently needed. Pakistan and Japan have excellent relations.

The Japanese Ambassador said that improving the quality of water supply and drainage is of utmost importance for the quality of life. It is hoped that Japan’s economic cooperation will help in raising the living standards of the people of Punjab. Cooperation will continue to strengthen.