Islamabad (Shahid Kazmi – PDM is facing new problems. After ANP, PPP is also planning to quit the Pakistan Democratic Movement; a forum for opposition parties against PTI led Federal Government. The Pakistan Peoples Party is going to lead a new Opposition Alliance. No space for PMLN and JUIF in the new alliance. ANP already said good bye to PDM Alliance in a press conference by Senior Central Vice President of Awami National Party, Mr. Ameer Haider Hoti.
After nomination of Senator Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani as Leader of the Opposition in Senate of Pakistan and seeking support from BAP, General Secretary of PDM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi issued show cause notices to PPP and ANP. But both the parties replied in a rather harsh way as ANP announced breakup with PDM. PPP is also on its last breath with PDM. Sources confirmed that strong opinion emerged in PPP to lead a new opposition alliance as PMLN is really working only for them but not for the opposition in whole. PMLN is only focusing on cases of Nawaz Sharif and safe exit for Maryam Nawaz Sharif. But on the other hand, PPP is a shareholder in power as they are enjoying powers in Sindh. In comparison, JUIF and PMLN don’t have anything to lose.

PPP is planning to launch a new opposition alliance to counter JUIF and PMLN dominated PDM Alliance. Media reports indicate that PPP will also contact all other opposition parties except PMLN and JUIF. BNP (Mengal) is already on the contact list of PPP.