New Jersey : US President Joe Biden has nominated Pakistani-American Zahid Qureshi as a district court judge.

If confirmed, Zahid Qureshi, from New Jersey, would be the first Muslim American citizen to serve as a federal district judge.

Zahid Qureshi has been serving as a magistrate judge for 3 years.

Governor Murphy, Senator Corey Booker and Senator Menendez have praised the president’s move.

The American-Pakistani Public Affairs Committee has thanked President Joe Biden for his initiative, and the committee’s chairman, Dr. Ijaz Ahmed, said he had been at the forefront of the campaign for many years to give Muslim Americans adequate representation.

Dr Ijaz said the nomination of Zahid Qureshi as a federal judge was a historic moment and he was grateful to President Biden, Senator Booker, Senator Schumer and others who made the move possible.

He added that with 3.5 million Muslims living in the United States, they would now be represented for the first time in history.