Pakistan Awami Party Austria organized a function on the occasion of Yom Takbeer Day and Pakistan Martyrs Day

VIENNA: It has been 25 years since Pakistan became the first nuclear power of the Islamic world, Pakistanis are celebrating Takbeer Day with enthusiasm around the world. 25 years ago on the same day, Pakistan demonstrated its nuclear power in response to Indian nuclear explosions. This is the memorable day when Pakistan achieved the honor of becoming the first nuclear power in the Muslim world and the 7th nuclear power in the world and the same day is remembered as Yom Takbeer.

In this regard, a ceremony was organized by Pakistan Awami Party Austria on Sunday, May 28, 2023, in Vienna, the capital of Austria, on the occasion of Takbeer Day and Pakistan Martyrs Day at a local restaurant. In which the sacrifices of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the motherland were appreciated and tributes were paid to the martyrs of Pakistan and Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan. In the event, loud slogans were raised in favor of the Pakistan Army. In this event, the Pakistani community, religious, political, welfare, sports business community from all over Austria participated in large numbers. At the beginning of the ceremony Malik Hasan Awan had the pleasure of reciting the Holy Quran. Naat Sharif performed Hafiz Abdul Arfaq.

Among the speakers who gave speeches on this occasion were President Pakistan Awami Party Austria Amjad Bhatti, Professor Malik Sharkat Awan, General Secretary Pakistan Awami Party Austria, Malik Amin Awan, Malik Umair Awan, Munir Ahmed Mughal, Al Haj Khawaja Naseem, Faheem Babar Khan, Manzoor Mughal, Hafiz Naeem and Kaleem Masih were included. Speaking on this occasion, the speakers said that Takbeer Day is a day of revival and pride for Pakistanis and the entire Muslim Ummah. Which created stability while maintaining the balance of power in the region.

On May 28, 1998, the nuclear test in Chagai district of Balochistan was a historic moment and a milestone in the country’s history, which made Pakistan the 7th invincible nuclear power in the world. More speakers strongly condemned the May 9 incident in Pakistan. They said the faithful martyrs of the sanctity of the motherland are our foreheads, those who laid down their lives for the defense of the motherland and the enforcement of the law are our heroes, the sacrifices of the martyrs for the sake of the Holy Land are unforgettable.

The speakers said in their joint statement that our armed forces Sacrificed their lives for the sake of the country and the martyrs of Pakistan Army sacrificed their lives for the great cause. And the people of Pakistan can never forget the sacrifices of their martyrs. They further said that the defense of the country is in strong hands at this time. Everything is ready. In the end, Hafiz Naeem offered special prayers for the Kashmiri people, Palestine, martyrs of Pakistan, Pakistani forces, security and stability of Pakistan and the participants. After the President Pakistan Awami Party Austria Amjad Bhatti thanked all the people for coming to the event.