Lahore:My Impact Meter, a leading pioneer in impact-driven initiatives, proudly announces the launch of “ImpacTech” at SkillsGala 2023 event on May 27th, 2023. As an integral part of the My Impact Meter technology platform, ImpacTech enables donors to facilitate skill empowerment provided by renowned institutes, revolutionizing the way individuals can contribute to the personal and professional growth of others.

ImpacTech, powered by the My Impact Meter technology platform, provides a groundbreaking solution for skill empowerment. Donors now have the opportunity to connect aspiring learners with reputable institutes such as Corvit, Enablers, Atomcamp, and Skillstodo. Through these esteemed institutions, recipients gain access to valuable skill training programs that equip them with the necessary expertise for thriving career opportunities. As the initiative progresses, additional top-line institutes are poised to join the platform.

The introduction of ImpacTech at Skills Gala 2023 served as a platform to showcase the transformative power of skill empowerment. Industry professionals, influencers, and stakeholders experienced firsthand how this initiative fosters the upliftment of communities. The overwhelming response from attendees exemplifies the collective commitment to driving positive change through skill empowerment.

Commenting on the launch, Kanwal Cheema, Founder & CEO of My Impact Meter, emphasized, “ImpacTech marks a significant milestone in our journey to empower individuals through skill empowerment. By leveraging the My Impact Meter technology platform, we facilitate the connection between donors and renowned institutes, enabling recipients to acquire in-demand skills and pursue economic independence. We remain dedicated to expanding our network of prestigious institutes, providing a wide array of skill training opportunities.”

As ImpacTech gains traction, My Impact Meter continues to forge partnerships with renowned institutes and organizations that share the vision of empowering individuals through skill empowerment. This collaborative effort aims to create a robust ecosystem where donors can seamlessly connect recipients with prestigious training programs, fueling personal and professional growth.