Nawaz Sharif's Doctor's Letter Once Again Rejected

Lahore : The medical board reviewing the medical report of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has once again rejected the letter of American-born Dr. Fayyaz Shaul.

According to sources, the review board declared the reports incomplete and took the position that the reports of American-born Dr. Fayyaz Shaul are not complete. Dr. Fayyaz Shaul has only sent a letter on Nawaz Sharif’s health.

The medical board says there are no medical reports from any medical institution or laboratory.
The medical board informed the health department in writing about Nawaz Sharif’s reports. According to sources, the 9-member medical board had earlier declared Nawaz Sharif’s reports incomplete.

It may be recalled that Nawaz Sharif’s latest medical report was recently submitted in the Lahore High Court in which he was stopped from traveling by a doctor.

Nawaz Sharif’s medical report was prepared by Dr. Fayyaz Shaal, Director Interventional Cardiology and was submitted to the court through Amjad Pervez Advocate.