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In this article we explain about LOTO process following steps explain briefly

Purpose , Scope , Definitions , Responsibilities,  Process , Requirement for a Permit to Work, Isolation,  Application to Perform Work under a PTW , Preparation of a PTW , Issue of Safety Documents ,Performing Authority , Commissioning Period, Training

Purpose: To ensure that adequate control measures and safeguards are identified, implemented prior to any construction, commissioning, operational, maintenance or servicing work is allowed to begin.

Scope: All business locations under Auxpower Elektrik control where it has been identified through risk assessment that there is a need to protect personnel from any energy source that has the potential to cause injury to personnel or damage to property. This document is the minimum Auxpower Elektrik requirement. Where national legislation has a stricter protective requirement than this document, then the national legislation will apply.


Affected Personnel Person: whose job requires that they operate or use a machine or piece of equipment on which servicing or maintenance is being performed under a PTW, or whose job requires them to work in an area in which such servicing or maintenance is being performed.

Authorized Person: An appointed person to carry out specific duties

Lockout / Tag-out :The placement of a lock and a tag or a tag-out device on the energy isolating device in accordance with an established procedure ensuring that the energy isolating device or the equipment being controlled is isolated until removal of the lock or tag out device

Nominated Person: A person who is qualified to request and receive safety documentation such as a PTW Form on behalf of the Working Party. (PTW = Permit to Work}

Permit Issuer:  The person who ensures safe isolation and deisolation of plant and equipment and issues and cancels the PTW. Responsible for the application of the site safety rules.


Site EHS Representative Site EHS Representative must ensure that: • This procedure is brought to the attention of the appropriate Auxpower Elektrik Site Manager, Partners and Subcontractors • This Procedure is audited at appropriate intervals • Permits are controlled in the manner required by this guideline. Site Manager On any site where the Customer is in direct control of the PTW system*, The Auxpower Elektrik Site Manager must ensure that: • All employees have received adequate information, education and training to use the system. • Any inconsistencies with this procedure are discussed and resolved and all parties are made aware of any deviation from this procedure. *Note: It must be recognized that the customer has care, custody and control over Auxpower Elektrik employees and the legal implications of this.  Line Managers must ensure that the workers, over whom they have direct control, comply with this procedure and that subcontractors are managed accordingly.  All Site EHS and Supervisory Personnel must monitor compliance and report any breech of procedure to the appropriate manager .Operational EHS Directors will continually review the adequacy of this procedure and revise as appropriate.

Principles of Lock Out and Tag Out:  Basic principles for isolating all potentially energy (Lockout/ Tag out) before energisation, start-up, or release of stored energy are mentioned as below:

Identification of the equipments & all possible energy sources v Preparation of Lockout / Tag out. Methods of isolation.  Restoration & Re-energisation. Lock out and tag out devices. Specific requirements.

Key Performance Indicator:

  • Site wide LOTO survey
  • Number of incidents/near miss
  • Number of deviations from the procedure (as observed in the scheduled audit)
  • Non-availability of LOTO devices
  • Number of energy source where LOTO system not available

In the Method of Isolation the details of Isolation (Like breaker to be racked out, discharging to be done, permanent earthing to be done at particular location, Valve to be closed etc.) . The type of job may be categorized based on the basic philosophy which may affect the method of Isolation method. Like the jobs which may not require or require direct exposure to electrical parts, released energy.  No column shall be left blank. If some column is not applicable in a particular case then ―NA‖ shall be written to ensure that it is not simply a miss but a considered view.  If the single source energy is electrical then panel no/MCC or S/S should be mentioned other than that Valve no, location or any other details giving information about the location should be given.

Support Resources Unit and business Safety resources are available to assist with implementation of this standard.

Management Records shall be retained as follows: § Energy source identification register § Site permits § Records of department audit

Audit Requirements site shall audit compliance with this standard as part of its Safety audit program.

Standard Renewal Process This standard shall be reviewed and revised as necessary and, at a minimum, not later than three years from the date of the last revision.

Deviation Process Deviations from this standard must be authorized by the Corporate Safety Head after consultation with the EHS board. Deviations must be documented, and documentation must indicate causes of deviation with safety plan. Deviation authorization must be renewed periodically and no less frequently than every three years.

Training and Communications Requirements Each business and site should provide training as appropriate.


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